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RuneScape 3, a large collection new features, was released 22 July 2013. It includes a reworked orchestrated score, a customisable user interface and new camera controls.

Mark Gerhard first mentioned RuneScape 3 development in a live stream on the RuneScape YouTube Channel on September 9, 2012. Gerhard suggested micro-payments such as Squeal Of Fortune were helping Jagex to build a "war chest" or "fighting fund", which would allow Jagex to finance large future projects. Future livestreams will include discussions about RuneScape’s future and the possibility of a RuneScape3.

It was revealed that RuneScape 3 would be called RuneScape 3 via a Behind the Scenes video on 16 November 2012. Jagex, in a bonus Behind the Scenes Video, confirmed that RuneScape 3 will be released this summer.
A popup was displayed on the 17th of July 2013 when you log in, announcing RuneScape 3's upcoming release.

Officially, the RuneScape 3 release date has been revealed by a news posting on RuneScape's website on 3/7/2013. The HTML5 client was not part of the RuneScape 3 release on 22 July 2013.

The HTML5 client was not able to work due to poor web browser performance. It was revealed that a new client was being created, which would run via native code and incorporate many of the features and software architectures of the HTML5 client. The new client was written in C++ and released under the codename NXT on 18 April 2016. NXT replaced the Java and HTML5 clients that were being phased out.


Here's a list of RuneScape 3 features:
 - A HTML5-based client with improved draw distance, texture filters, skyboxes and controller support. Due to stability and optimization issues, the HTML5 client did not make it past its beta phase.
 - Environments with improved weather effects can be created.
 - Interfaces that can be customized
 - Audio quality has been improved
 - Hiscores and new community website
 - New emphasis on player-driven storylines featuring world events over a 3-month period.