Frequently Asked Questions

January 12, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RuneScape Private Server?

It all depends on your personal preference and there is no one answer. If you love a server because it has unique custom items, that server is the best RuneScape personal server for you. One person might prefer a different server than the one they like.

Is it safe for RuneScape to use a private RuneScape server?

Private RuneScape servers are generally safe. If you're not careful and end-up on a server that is run by scammers, your items could be lost. You can avoid being scammed by choosing a server from our list. It only contains RuneScape private servers which are safe.

Can you be banned from using RuneScape's private server?

Private RuneScape servers are used by many people all the time. Jagex does not recommend that private servers be used. You will be fine as long as you play on a trusted server, and you don't discuss RuneScape Private Servers in the game.

Are RuneScape private servers legal?

Zero reports have been filed about RuneScape's private servers being illegal. They are therefore not illegal to use. It is recommended that you only use trusted servers and not be scammed. This can be done by only using servers that are on our list.