Het's oasis

January 1, 2023

Het's oasis

RuneScape will introduce Het's Oasis to the world, featuring a new landscape, new skills, and two mini-quests.

Today's Oasis Restoration will see players take on the task of transforming the Duel Arena after a devastating earthquake. The arena will be transformed from a bloodthirsty fighting ground where heroes once staked their fortune in one-on-one matches to a peaceful oasis by players who must work together.

The area will be rebuilt and players will have to complete daily tasks that will earn them rewards. Participants in the community event receive special rewards such as a new pet crocodile, title, cosmetic armour with desert-themed design, and footwear called 'Gators'.

The rebuilt area will be renamed Het's Oasis after the community event. It will offer learning and exploration as well as new content to help those who want to improve their Agility, Hunter, and Farming skills.

The press release states that heroes will assist the God of Death with mini-quests in the Eye of Het as they explore Het's Tomb to find a powerful object that will help the young gods in the Elder God Wars saga.

Check out this new event at any of these amazing runescape servers . Het's Oasis is going to enter the world of runescape January 4th.