Jagex Is Developing An Open-World Survival Game

December 23, 2022

Jagex Is Developing An Open-World Survival Game

Jagex, RuneScape's developer, is currently working on a new open-world game that could be available for both console and PC. The survival title will be set within the RuneScape universe. It is expected to be released "soon" as the company continues to grow its offerings in 2022.

Jagex has begun hiring for the untitled survival title and has already landed two Ubisoft devs and one who has worked on Sony titles. Jagex claims this is part its plan to help RuneScape "new audiences", and it comes just after the MMO's 20th anniversary.

Jagex will not reveal much information until then, but we can get some information from the company's recent job listings (thanks to NME). The listing refers to the game as "exciting new IP, built using Unreal Engine 5". This indicates that the game won't be RuneScape 4, contrary to what fans had hoped for.

Jagex also stated that the open-world survival game was being developed as part of the company's "aim [RuneScape] to grow into new audiences on console and desktop platforms." Although it is not clear what these platforms will look like, there is the possibility that a RuneScape-esque title might be coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for first time ever. Ubisoft's new hires will likely tie in with these console market hopes.

We don't know when the "soon-to-be-revealed" game will actually be revealed, but with many companies opting to host their big premieres in the summer, it might not be far off at all. Jagex Partners, its third-party publishing arm will continue to support new releases.