RuneScape Announces Fresh Start Worlds

December 1, 2022

RuneScape Announces Fresh Start Worlds

Fresh Start Worlds is a new feature in RuneScape. It's a four-month-long event that began September 12, where everyone is chucked into an entirely new server.

The site opens with the statement, "Everyone plays in a level playing field." "Refresh your character's skills in a new world with a new economy, Grand Exchange. You can quickly level up with XP boosters and gameplay buffs. You can earn Alt Skill Capes, HiScores and rich rewards. You can keep your new account and transfer your character progression and rewards to the main game at any moment.

You will find separate servers for Old School RuneScape as well as RuneScape. This gives you an opportunity to see how the game looked before the masse of players took to the skies. Old School RuneScape's Fresh Start World will not begin until October, and there won't be any XP boost. This is to recreate the original feel. You can also keep your character after you play the game, but this will only be possible six months after launch.

You'll be able to earn the legendary Luma Wolf Pet when you first start playing. Additionally, you can unlock Challenger Armour which "upgrades as you combat level rises." The Challenger Lance completes this set, which similarly scales with combat levels. The Halo of Returning is a new tradeable reward that can be earned through milestones and challenges. A Challenger Halo can also be earned in a similar manner.

You can also get Halo Pet Skins if you wish to give your pets angelic features. "Players can compete to earn Fresh Start Worlds HiScores or World Firsts for the first eight weeks," aiming to reach those high milestones. There will be many players bragging about reaching level 99 in their chosen skill before the rest.

World First Broadcasts will also air during the event. So if you're interested in playing RuneScape on a level playing surface, now is the time. It is open to both new and returning players.